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What are 3 threats that our Sunday School is facing or will face in the coming year? What challenges or problems will we have to overcome in the months ahead? What potentially crippling obstacles need to be addressed in order to accomplish all that God wants for us?
Prayer: I am consistent with my daily devotions. I seek a personal encounter with God. I pray for members and leaders regularly. *
Preparation: I begin preparation early and am always ready to guide interesting and life-changing study experiences with God in His Word. *
Learning Styles: I am aware of my student’s needs and select methods to address those needs using their preferred learning styles (verbal, visual, and experiential). *
Transformational Teaching: I teach and lead in ways that move learners from where they are toward their potential in Christ. *
Member Care: I maintain regular ministry contact with my students. I make contacts regularly, especially on birthdays, special days, and in times of need. *